Norman can help make providing global 24/7/365 availability a reality.

The Norman Service Desk is staffed by experienced IT analysts who can quickly resolve issues with a particular focus on customer care. All of our staff are recruited for both their technical ability and customer service skills - with regular internal upskilling and training to ensure our analysts remain agile in an ever changing digital landscape.

Depending on the level of access granted our staff can offer help in a wide range of areas including:

  • Virtual Learning Environments
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Password resets and account access issues
  • Help with off-site resources including VPN/Citrix
  • Cyber-security advice
  • Printing
  • File recovery and formatting issues
  • Help and support with productivity applications such as Microsoft Office (both desktop and Office 365) and G Suite from Google Cloud
  • Mobile device support iOS and Android
  • Audio Visual Support (including emergency escalation)
  • Office based telephony

This is not an exhaustive list of supported areas - our staff will always attempt to fully resolve service user’s queries.




Norman can provide our catalogue of services as and when required therefore taking an ‘always-on’ approach – during business hours, after hours, out-of-hours or 24/7, 365 days a year.

Norman’s additional services (such as monitoring) can be added as bolt-ons increasing the flexibility of the service depending on short term and long-term requirements, this means Norman can scale up and down in a flexible way to meet your business needs.

What happens when circumstances prevent you from delivering support? Norman can re-route telephony and answer calls within 5 minutes. Disaster scenarios may be rare but backup is imperative

We offer subscriptions designed to meet your needs not only now, but also in the future. Contact us today for more information.

Norman proudly run an omnichannel service desk - offering contact via email, SMS, chat and telephone.

Norman's partnerships with companies such as RightAnswers and LiveChat allow us to use industry leading tools and solutions to drive our platform with a focus on end user experience for your customers.


Norman are based in the United Kingdom but receiving IT support from us is not restricted by geographical location. Norman proudly supports partners worldwide including the University of Sydney, Australia as well as online higher education institutions with customers located across the globe. Our 24/7 x 365 omnichanel  support model allows us to offer IT support to our customers through various methods in any location at anytime.

Norman provide a seamless service and quickly become a well-integrated part of your IT Service Desk setup. Norman aim to become an extension to the current service you provide rather than an additional separate service.

We work together with our partners to agree upon a daily handover process configured to allow support to be seamlessly transferred through to the Norman Service Desk. This can include all telephony - not limited to just your IT Service Desk, we can take any kind of calls that come into the institution after hours including Library calls or calls directly to the switchboard, as well as diverting emails, SMS messages and chat requests directly through to our expert Norman analysts.

We can customise our systems to meet your requirements, for example, our chat service can be fully branded with your corporate colour pallet and logo while our inbound telephony can be customised with a pre-recorded message of your choice (either recorded by Norman or provided directly by you).

The pressure is on to move away from '9 - 5 support' with staff, students and customers expecting support whenever and wherever they are, in an always connected, always available world where everything is 24/7. Norman can help make providing global 24/7 x 365 availability a reality.

At it's core Norman provides a professional service desk working towards ITIL® and SDI best practices. Our expert analysts will log, troubleshoot and resolve your end users issues in an omnichannel environment backed by a best in breed knowledgebase and proactive knowledge management.

Norman has a long standing reputation for excellence and is a recognised name in the Higher Education sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to our tickets?

You will receive your tickets in three formats, a CSV, a readable HTML and an XML file each day. This file will contain every query received by Norman.

Tickets are listed in two groups, unassigned calls which require further action by yourselves and resolved calls. Tickets are logged with your customer details held on our database as well as full details of the nature of the problem and any troubleshooting performed during the call.

What are the data protection implications?

Data stored by Norman will be used solely in order to help resolve queries raised.

As members of Northumbria University staff we will comply with the Northumbria University Data Protection Policy to ensure security and appropriate use of the data held.

How quickly can this service be setup?

We usually suggest a timeframe of two months to ensure we have all the groundwork in place to successfully deal with queries. We have over 45 successful implementations of the Norman service and will work with you throughout the setup period to ensure a smooth launch - tasks include setting up a data transfer, creating a knowledgebase and testing telephony/systems access (if required).

Where an immediate/urgent implementation is required we can fast-track a bespoke setup to go-live in a much shorter timeframe.

How do end users reach the Norman Service?

Norman offers support via email, chat, telephone and SMS - we will work with you to provide continuity between your existing service desk and Norman by customising telephone greetings and written messages. Most of our existing customers automatically transfer their lines and emails each day. Our additional bolt-on services such as chat support can be fully branded to match your existing site/brand.

For our 24/7 customers Norman will provide non-geographical numbers and, if required, email addresses which can be published directly to your end users - removing the need for you to transfer or provide these yourself.

What access is required?

Our ability to resolve problems is often only limited by our level of access to local systems.

For example, the most common type of query made to the service is user account/login related, therefore most customers find it useful that we can deal with password resets and will provide Norman with access to tools such as Active Directory. We can access local systems in a number of ways such as via a VPN or virtual remote desktop system.

We also use remote access software with service users, this significantly enhances our ability to resolve problems quickly. No permanent software is installed and our technicians can only remotely access with the explicit permission of the service user – permission that must be granted each and every time a remote support session is requested. If you'd prefer that we didn't use remote access then we are happy to switch this off your organisation.

Find out how Norman can transform your support model by contacting us for a no obligation chat with our management team...