Frequently Asked Questions

This page sets out frequently asked questions around the setup and operation of the Norman service. Each answer below represents a "typical" setup though the Norman service is extremely customisable and alternative options maybe available for your organisation subject to discussion.

Norman will automatically send you a daily handover report containing full and complete details of cases logged with simple outcomes indicating whether they are resolved or need further action. During setup we will discuss the best method and format to send this data - we anticipate most of the time a favorable solution can be found with minimal effort on your part to automatically import this data into your service management tool. We can also provide 'human friendly' versions of our report for manual consumption.

Data stored by Norman will be used solely in order to help resolve queries raised and is regularly automatically deleted once no longer needed. During setup Norman will discuss the impact of the data used to deliver the service and will arrange for any legal paperwork around data processing to be completed.

The Norman service operates almost exclusively on Microsoft cloud tools and technologies. The core of the service is underpinned by “Norman Workspace”, built on Dynamics 365 to provide a single pane of glass view enabling Norman analysts to support service users with contextual organisation specific information including knowledge articles automatically, closely interlinked with telephony and chat channels.

Our ability to resolve problems is often only limited by our level of access to local systems. The most common type of query made to the service is user account related including password or multifactor authentication (MFA) resets, so most subscribers find it useful to provide Norman access to these tools, although Norman can work without access by providing guidance around the use of self-service tools.

During setup we will provide a unique telephone number for you to divert calls to. Most subscribers will setup a divert on their telephony system so calls automatically divert to Norman out of hours providing a seamless experience for the caller. Forwarding email works similar to calls, with Norman providing a unique mailbox for you to setup a rule to forward new emails to.

Yes, we offer a number of options to purchase cover ranging from half days to full days or units of hours to consume ad-hoc through the year. This provides a way for you to transfer to Norman for team meetings, local events, training or even just to work through backlogs.

Norman does have a virtual assistant, "Ari", which is used to deliver bespoke support for organisations who have agreed to this. Ari is under active development to enhance its capabilities, aiming to deliver Norman's unique blend of support through services infused with AI and handoff to members of the Norman team where extra support is needed.

Norman was first established in 2006 as a shared service for the five universities in the North East Metropolitan Area Network "NorMAN" (Durham, Newcastle, Teesside, Sunderland and Northumbria). Northumbria University became the sole operator and owner of the service as "Norman Managed Services" (Norman for short).

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Our virtual assistant, Ari, will take some simple contact details and a member of our friendly team will get back to you within 48 hours.

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