Staff, student and customer expectations are evolving with support expected to be provided anytime and anywhere, through channels unique to their needs.

Norman's subscription based service makes providing a 24/7/365 omnichannel service desk for your organisation a simple reality...

Seamless support over Voice, Chat and Email

Branded channels provide a familiar experience for staff, students and customers using Norman. A simple divert/forward is all it takes to allow Norman to handle calls and emails on your behalf.

Our chat service works seamlessly and uses clever Norman powered scripting to display at the right times, working in harmony with any local chat tools without the need for complex integration work.

Over a decade of experience

The Norman Service Desk is staffed by experienced IT analysts who can quickly resolve issues with a particular focus on customer care. All of our staff are recruited for both their technical ability and customer service skills - with regular internal upskilling and training to ensure our analysts remain agile in an ever changing digital landscape.

With a unique taxonomy lead approach to knowledge management, Norman can quickly establish customised knowledge articles and processes for your organisation.

The below is designed to highlight common queries and is not an exhaustive list of supported areas - our staff will always attempt to fully resolve queries.

Daily Reports & Analytics

Norman will automatically send you a daily handover report containing full and complete details of cases logged with simple outcomes indicating whether they are resolved or need further action. We anticipate most of the time a favorable solution can be found with minimal effort on your part to automatically import this data into your service management tool.

Regular analytics on service performance are also provided via a daily updating dashboard providing volumetric and performance data such as fix rate by taxonomy, giving both visability into the service and highlighting opportunities for areas of improvement.

Established & Trusted

With over 15 years experience and more than 40 subscribers, Norman has become the de facto provider of out of hours support for universities in the UK.

Many of Norman's subscribers have been long term members of the service and recognise the irreplaceable role Norman plays in their organisations support model.

Norman also supports some commercial organisations with links to HE such as courseware providers and some international HE organisations such as The University of Sydney.

Find out how Norman can transform your support model...

Our virtual assistant, Ari, will take some simple contact details and a member of our friendly team will get back to you within 48 hours.

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