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The pressure is on to move away from "9-5 support" with staff, students and customers expecting expert support whenever and wherever they are, in an always connected, always available world where everything is 24/7/365. With an array of managed services, Norman can make this a reality.


Deliver instant real-time support using our dedicated chat service available as a bolt-on service to your Norman subscription or an independent chat only support service. Norman Chat can help diversify your support channels - request a demo today!

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What happens when circumstances prevent you from delivering support? These scenarios may be rare but backup is imperative. We are able to re-route telephony, answer your service desk calls and support your end users within 5 minutes.

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Need to organise your knowledge? We offer a knowledge management service provided by an experienced knowledge team on a trusted platform, delivering a shared fully managed singular knowledge repository for in house teams and Norman.

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Norman are available to provide a back-up for your Service Desk. We understand that infrastructure, staffing costs and floor space can all restrict your ability to have the right amount of analysts to answer your customer's calls.

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Using a monitoring platform and advanced real-world simulated user experience checks from multiple geographic locations we can proactively monitor your critical systems, services and respond to alerts minimising disruption to your end users.

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At its heart Norman provides a professional IT Service Desk. Our expert analysts will log, troubleshoot and resolve your end users issues in an omnichannel environment backed by a best in breed knowledgebase.

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Find out how Norman can transform your support model by contacting us for a no obligation chat with our management team...