Norman are available 24/7 x 365 to provide a simple overflow solution. We understand that infrastructure, staffing costs, floorspace or even unexpected demand can all restrict your ability to have the right amount of analysts to answer your customer's calls.

Norman's overflow service provides a simple solution to an often frustrating customer problem - long wait times.

Using a simple trigger in your telecoms system your calls can seamlessly overflow to our 24/7 x 365 Service Desk team, reducing wait times and allowing your local team to catch up with demand. This is a bespoke service and the trigger will change depending on your exact requirements.

Norman can cover a wide range of calls including (not exhaustive!) :

- Appointment Booking
- Switchboard Transfers
- Sales/Telephone payments
- General Enquiries
- Library and IT Support
- FAQs

We will agree with you a mechanism by which we will return ticket details or call information - with priorities determined by you (for example you may prefer Classroom AV or High Priority tickets to be escalated).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the calls answered in my organisation's name?

We will provide you with a dedicated number just for your overflow calls, this enables our service desk staff to know instantly where the call is coming from.

All calls to the Norman service are answered in a seamless way, designed so the caller has a home from home experience.

How does overflow work?

Overflow occurs on calls in your queue that have been waiting a certain amount of time (usually around 2-3 minutes) or depending on the volume of calls held in your queue (e.g. more than 10 callers waiting the 11th will transfer to Norman).

Your telephony system will transfer calls to the number provided by Norman where a member of our service desk team will pickup the call and provide a seamless service.

How quickly can this service be setup?

Our overflow service can often be setup quickly, but this is generally a bespoke service and everyone has different requirements so we will usually confirm estimated time frames when we have discussed your exact requirements - various nuances such as systems access or knowledge requirements can impact the setup time.

How are tickets passed back to us?
As standard all overflow calls are logged as tickets, which are passed back over to you on our daily handover. If you have other requirements we may be able to arrange a bespoke handover with increased frequency or even instant transfer of tickets logged.
What local technical setup is required to use the service?

You will need to ensure that your telephony system is capable of automatically transferring calls to an external number (Norman) as required. You may need to discuss this with your telephony team or provider.

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