Remote Support

Norman Assist combines the power of AnyDesk with Norman's support and expertise to create a bespoke remote access solution for HE institutions - we take care of implementation, customization, licencing and maintenance for you, while also providing you with our unique branded platform to allow your staff/students quick access to get connected with a technician and our customised reporting platform provides insights into your technicians usage of AnyDesk as well as overall licence utilization.


  • No registration, installation or administrative privileges required
  • Encrypted verified connections and access restrictions
  • Low bandwidth for areas with poor or limited internet connectivity
  • Easy drag and drop file transfer
  • Multi-Platform Support including mobile apps
  • Remotely install software and resolve issues quickly
  • Fully managed Software as a Service platform
  • Competitive pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Norman Assist work?

AnyDesk is a lightweight straightforward remote access tool, it needs no registration, installation or administrative privileges for the people you are supporting. This means your service desk can deliver remote support quickly and effectively, increasing satisfaction and fix rates! The Norman Assist solution takes AnyDesk to a new level - offering AnyDesk as a fully managed SaaS solution. This means Norman takes care of implementation, customization, licencing and maintenance for you, while also providing our own bespoke functionality including branded access points for your users and reporting.

How does Norman Assist work with my existing subscription?

Norman Assist is available as a "bolt-on" to your existing Norman subscription - this means, subject to a 1 year minimum term, you can add/remove Norman Assist just like any other "bolt-on" service from Norman.

How quickly can this service be setup?

Generally, setup is very quick (we suggest 2-3 weeks). This includes working out licence requirements, customising AnyDesk to your needs/corporate branding, as well as setting up access points for your staff/students. The majority of this work is carried out by Norman subject to your requirements locally.

How do I get support?

Norman Assist is supported by the Norman Systems Team. We aim to reply to all queries and support requests within 24 hours. Where we can not resolve your queries we will escalate to and work with AnyDesk directly on your behalf. Norman Assist is also used to deliver the Norman service itself, so you can be assured you are in good hands!

How does licencing work?

The Norman Assist licencing model is based largely on the number of concurrent connections you require, in essence how many of your team can simultaneously conduct a remote access session. Our licencing model is flexible allowing you to increase the number of licences as and when required.

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