In an always connected, always available world where everything is 24 x 7 x 365, the importance of systems monitoring and up-time cannot be underestimated.

Norman Monitoring provides an ideal solution to monitor your critical web based applications and can help you to provide the highest quality experience for your customers, using a state of the art monitoring platform and advanced real-world simulated user experience checks from 6 different geographic locations we can proactively monitor your critical services and respond to alerts minimising disruption to your service users.

Our service desk staff are available 24/7 to respond to alerts and depending on your requirements, we can either initiate a callout or attempt remedial action to restore your services ASAP.


  • Knowing that your website is available and accessible to visitors is critical to every business.

  • We can help identify slow to load webpages meaning less frustrated users and abandoned site visits.

  • We can simulate 'real user' visitor interactions with your site ensuring vital interactions, like signup and login are working as intended

Frequently Asked Questions

How many services can you monitor?

We do not set a limit on the number of services that we monitor. Our monitoring pricing structure is based on the number of managed events Norman will be expected to deal with in a given period, naturally an increase in the number of services being monitored would result in an increase in the number of events being managed. Our pricing structure is flexible and we allow you to choose your own pricing band for the service.

What is 'Real User Experience' monitoring?

Our Real User Experience monitoring provides a way to automatically test functionality of your website mirroring a genuine user interacting with the service. For example, we can simulate a student logging into your VLE and interacting with modules within or simulate a staff member accessing an important web based system. We build multiple validation steps into our scripting to make sure any failures at any stage during the test are reported back to our 24/7 Service Desk Staff.

Our checks can be as detailed as required, login screens are not a problem so long as you can provide us an account to use and we can interact with text boxes, drop down menus and search fields as required. We do this by building scripted checks and running them at regular intervals - if something fails in the transaction, our 24/7 Service Desk Staff are immediately alerted.

Real User Experience monitoring goes way beyond traditional 'is it up or down' checks which might not always detect problems (for example the web service might be 'up' but showing an error page when performing a certain task), by simulating actual interaction with your service in a real web browser at regular intervals we can detect problems before your users do.

How quickly can this service be setup?

We usually suggest a time frame of around two weeks to setup our monitoring service. This provides enough time for the Norman Systems team to create check scripting and develop processes for dealing with alerts, while also allowing checks to run naturally for a few days without alerting enabled to mitigate any false positives.

If you require Norman to take remedial action (e.g. rebooting a server) we will also need time to confirm systems access is working and that documented steps/actions to take on system issues are agreed with our Knowledge Manager, ready for our Service Desk Staff to carry out.

What happens when something goes wrong?

Our automated monitoring platform will detect the issue and alert our 24/7 Service Desk Staff who will immediately manually validate the automated alert to make sure no false-positive has occurred.

Our Service Desk Staff will then follow an escalation process or take remedial action to restore the service, depending on your agreed requirements. They will also ensure a ticket is logged and provided to you with the exact details of what went wrong and what action was taken.

All of this happens in a matter of minutes to make sure your service gets up and running again as quickly as possible.

How can monitoring help me?

Our automated monitoring platform is capable of monitoring any system provided that it is accessible externally to your organisation (e.g. publicly accessible from the internet) - we are most frequently asked to monitor websites/web applications, but can also monitor servers and other networking equipment provided relevant ports are open to the internet allowing us to setup Ping checks.

Monitoring from Norman can be extremely valuable if you have systems that need to be reliable and highly available, automated monitoring is excellent, however, what happens when you get an alert at 2 am or when you are in a meeting? Norman removes this challenge by utilising our team of experienced 24/7 Service Desk Analysts who can respond appropriately and quickly to alerts - carrying out remedial action or alerting the relevant members of your team as required.

Norman offers a fully managed monitoring platform, including always available staff to respond to alerts.


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