As the world of technology is rapidly changing, so are your customers' demands. Norman's dynamic knowledge is here to help your analysts stay up to date with your customers' requirements.

Norman's Knowledge is provided by an experienced knowledge management team on a trusted platform, delivering a shared fully managed singular knowledge repository for both in house teams and Norman.

This allows your service desk analysts to work from a single source of truth knowledge base, improving the continuity of the service provided.

  • Dedicated Knowledge Manager
  • Bi-Yearly Knowledge Reviews
  • Knowledge Reporting and Statistics
  • Industry Trusted Platform
  • Translation into Foreign Languages

Knowledge Feedback Actioned

Knowledge Articles

Knowledge Searches

Industry Trusted Platform

Norman has partnered with Upland Software, Inc. to provide the infrastructure of our knowledge service using RightAnswers, the #1 provider of Knowledge management.

Norman's partnership with Upland Software, Inc. allows Norman to provide a fully managed cloud based knowledge management service – this allows us to empower service desk analysts, increasing customer satisfaction and 1st line resolution rate, as well as being able to reduce training time by having accessible knowledge on hand.

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