What happens when circumstances prevent you from delivering support? These scenarios may be rare but backup is imperative. Norman provide an instant solution to ensure your support continues during disaster scenarios and unforeseen circumstances.

We hope that these situations don’t occur frequently, but in the case that they do, the Norman Contingency Service is in place to ensure that your service runs as normal in the event of a disaster. At very short notice Norman are able take over your service desk calls and emails, allowing Norman's 24/7 x 365 expert analysts to immediately provide support to your customer’s during unforeseen circumstances.

Last year a Norman customer suffered major disaster causing their campus to be immediately evacuated and the buildings to be closed. In normal circumstances this would have left a major university without any IT or Library support for their large student base as well as their staff during a busy period. Norman invoked a contingency plan and within 5 minutes we seamlessly took over telephone lines and the Norman team were supporting customers directly, ensuring that support continued to be available seamlessly.

Using the Norman Contingency Service is a simple procedure:


Disaster Occurs

Disaster occurs or circumstances arise that prevent arise that prevent you from providing support to your customers.


Divert to Norman

Divert your calls and emails to Norman's 24/7/365 Service Desk Team.



Norman seamlessly supports your customers during the contingency period, providing regular reporting and updates as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can we transfer our lines?

Our contingency service is designed as an always-on provision, therefore no notice is required to transfer lines. You must transfer to the dedicated contingency number provided by Norman during contingency setup. Ideally an email or quick telephone call should be made to Norman as soon as possible to clarify the situation locally so we can provide information where relevant to your customers.

How do we resume our service?

In order to resume your service you will simply need to remove any diverts put in place.

How quickly can this service be setup?

We usually suggest a time-frame of around a week in order to setup our contingency service - although this can be expedited given the nature of the service itself.

During the setup we will work to establish a contingency plan including supplying dedicated contingency numbers for you to divert your calls to.

What can you support?

Contingency calls will be dealt with in the same way as standard calls to Norman's support service. Your callers will receive full help and support for their query and Norman will aim to resolve as many calls as possible within the limits of knowledge and access.

For how long are you able to support our customers?

There is no time limit to as how long we are able to answer your telephone calls. We will do so until you are confident that you can resume your usual service locally.

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